About us

We are committed to providing high quality, best price and professional service for our customers in order to create mutual development and mutual benefits.

With our professional and experienced customer service team, we can provide one-stop service for our partners from product design, sample development, production, quality control to shipment. You will see the professional work here, please send us an email at info@frugalsports.pk and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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Our mission

Producing and supplying quality Sports Wear is the corporate mission of the Frugal Sports business operations. In other words, our aim is to serve as a life-long partner for people around the world and help them to achieve greater Sports and spiritual fulfillment through our Sports Wear Range.

By ceaselessly developing high-quality and innovative Sports Wear friendly to the user and environment. We aim to take over the leading International market position in the segment of T Shirts, Varsity Jackets , Soccer Kits etc and become the first choice of end as well as professional Sports Users.