Sky Diving Suit

4-ply Taslan, Cordura and Schoeller Windproof Spandex

YKK Zipper

Mesh lining on the torso, arms and legs

Windproof spandex articulations

Inside Chest Pocket

Cordura Fabric in high impact areas

Double-stitched seams with bonded thread

Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability

Choice of tight or medium fit

Optimized for Skydiving and Tunnel flying

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4-ply Taslan, Cardura and Schoeller Windproof Spandex: 

An ultra-strong, windproof, moisture-resistant that fits closer to the body and provides unmatched warmth.

YKK Zipper:

Never get worried about zipper breaking now! Our YKK zippers are all about convenience. It will remain water-resistant and last longer.

Mesh lining on the torso, arms and legs:

Feel confident, dry and comfortable. Our next-to-skin lining provides moisture management for maximum comfort in all weather conditions

Windproof spandex articulations: 

The air is your playground. Experience the luxury of protection from the elements and the freedom to move in any direction.

Inside Chest Pocket: 

The zipper chest pocket allows you to store your valuables without having to worry about anything falling out

Cardura Fabric in knees and seat:

Superior protection in the knees and seat area, just where you need it

Double-stitched seams with bonded thread:

The fabric lasts longer because there are 20% fewer seams, improving durability

Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability:

Get over 1,000 jumps of wear out of your suit

Choice of tight or medium fit:

You can adjust the fit and feel of your skydiving jumpsuit

Optimized for Skydiving and Tunnel flying:

Less distraction, more focus. Skydiving Jumpers have a competitive advantage when jumping, flying and doing acrobatics in the tunnel and blue sky!